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19+ Advanced Learning Loans – Centre information

The government offers loans to eligible students aged 19+ to pay for their course fees to study for a qualification at level 3, 4, 5 or 6 so they can improve their career prospects.

19+ Advanced Learner Loans can be an important part of an education providers curriculum offer, attracting more students into your organisation and widening the participation in skills and education in your local area. Good for providers, good for students and good for employers and the local economy.

Often, students on part time courses decide to progress to a higher level and access to a loan can be an important part of enabling that progress. Positive marketing of your loan offer to your student cohort is key to success.

City & Guilds has a wide selection of technical, diplomas and certificates approved for loan delivery.

Training providers can find further advice and policy guidance, including how to apply for an ESFA loan facility on the following links;

Advanced learner loans: an overview

Practitioner Supporting Materials

To further support your students with advice on loans, you may wish to direct them to the Government Advanced Learner Loan web page.

Providing information to learners about loans

Know what the law says

Providers should not offer a learner guidance, advice or recommendations about how suitable a 19+ Advanced Learning Loan might be for them based on their personal circumstances. The provider role is to present the learner with impartial information and advice they need to make their own decision about the best way to fund their course. It’s important not to be seen to ‘sell’ or recommend the loan above other options.

If a learner would like advice on managing their finances, they can obtain impartial money advice from the Money Advice Service.

Be clear about the features of the 19+ Advanced Learning Loan

  • Who is eligible for a 19+ FE Advanced Learning Loan
  • Repayment arrangements
  • Interest rates and arrangements
  • Applications are not credit checked and household income is not taken into account
  • Your own internal application arrangements and processes.
  • Costs of the course