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e-volve helps your learners and apprentices to sit tests and exams securely and easily giving you peace of mind for the integrity of your testing.

With a unique code for each learner, you can significantly reduce the chance of cheating or mixing up exams because it can display different, relevant questions to different learners. And reporting through e-volve analytics means you can manage and monitor the progress and performance of your centre.

Even though e-volve is web-based, you can download exams to a laptop or PC and use them offline giving you greater flexibility in busy periods or for peace of mind.

e-volve is quick and easy to install so take the next step and use it for your centre.

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E-volve Support Hub

Explore our E-volve Support Hub for guidance and advice to help you with the day-to-day management of e-volve assessments, including comprehensive user guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

E-volve support hub

e-volve analytics

Explore the ways how our analytics and data function can support you.

Stay on top of your exam calendar

Stay on top of your activity with our test calendar. An at-a-glance way of seeing what tests are happening and when. Ideal for exams officers. Find out how test calendar works in our short film.

Understand your test history and performance

Compare how your centre is performing to check cohorts are on track and identify strengths and weaknesses. With test history, you can even compare it to our global average. Ideal for curriculum managers and apprenticeship managers. Find out how it works in our short film.

Analyse learner performance

Search your learners and apprentices and see in which areas they’re performing best. With candidate data you can create a richer picture of their learning journey. Ideal for tutors and coaches. Find out how it works in our short film