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Global Certification for the Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry faces a shortfall of 14 million jobs by 2030. Negative perceptions of the industry, widening skills gaps and retention of talent are just a few of the challenges faced by businesses around the world. So, how can organisations keep up with the demand and thrive?

As a leading innovator in skills development and workplace learning, we’re collaborating with employers to create a solution that can showcase a range of career opportunities within hospitality, to help attract and retain talent in the sector.

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Launching a global benchmark

The Global Hospitality Certification, by City & Guilds, is a brand new global skills framework for the hospitality industry. Created in partnership with Worldchefs and employers, it is the first and only professional skills framework in the world. It has been co-designed with industry professionals to recognise the skills and experience of those working in hospitality.

The Certification sets a global benchmark for job roles across:

  • culinary
  • food and beverage
  • front of house
  • housekeeping.

The benchmark is quality assured by City & Guilds, building on over 140 years of experience and expertise in designing standards and assessing workplace competencies in the hospitality industry.

Certification is achieved through the issuing of digital badges, the latest technology in skills certification.

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For Employers

The Global Hospitality Certification is new and exciting way to help employers drive performance by investing in their staff.

Depending on how refined your people strategy, you can use Global Certification in different ways to add value to your business.

Reward staff
The Global Hospitality Certification allows employers to recognise and reward their teams when they are doing their day-to-day job well. It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ for their hard work.

Retain talent
An engaged and appreciated team is more likely to stay with you for longer, giving your business stability and a platform for effective succession planning.

Drive business
An engaged team will also go the extra mile for the guests. Happy staff means happy guests which, in turn, will help drive performance.

Unlock career opportunities
The Global Hospitality Certification can help you show your staff where they are, where they can progress to and what steps they need to take (and what badges they need to achieve) if they wish to progress.

Recruit better
The badges give an instant view of the skills and experience of people applying for jobs, helping you find the right talent for your business more quickly and more efficiently.

Be a quality employer
By investing into a skills recognition tool like the Global Hospitality Certification, you are showcasing, both internally and externally, the culture of your organisation, making it a more attractive place to work at.

Celebrate your own Ambassadors
Your staff are the best ambassadors you could ever have. By giving them a digital badge, you are enabling them to showcase their skills and knowledge on social media and, at the same time, you are also creating brand advocates who will happily promote the organisation in a positive light.

Speak to our experts to find out how Global Hospitality Certification can take your talent to a new standard.

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For Individuals

As an individual, the Global Hospitality badges will help you showcase what you can do in a new and exciting way:

  • they recognise the skills and experience you have developed while working in the hospitality industry
  • make the skills you’ve learnt, visible and accessible, opening up new opportunities for work and personal growth
  • a badge provides rich data on what you have done to achieve it, using a secure online system
  • your badge can be verified online and shared via social media
  • they can make you more employable.

The new Global Hospitality Badges are also a great tool to build a career pathway. You can use them to show continued competency in your job role or to mark key milestones as you progress to your next job.

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For Training Providers

The Global Certification gives you an opportunity to create a competitive advantage by benchmarking your learning programme(s) to a global standard by the industry. You can:

  • Demonstrate that your training programme has been mapped to the latest global industry standards
  • Provide a digital badge to your learners to make them more employable
  • Demonstrate that the work experience component of your programme meets the requirements of the Global Hospitality Certification
  • Showcase the links you have built with employers which can be another one of your competitive advantages.

How do Global Hospitality badges work?

Global hospitality badges provide a secure and verifiable record of achievement, which can be shared on social media to help make skills and experience visible and easy to understand.

Employers can use the badges as part of their recruitment and also create a snapshot of skills within their business to identify progression opportunities and development needs for existing staff.

global certificates how badges work step 1  

Step one:

Meet the requirements to earn the badge.

global certificates how badges work step 2  

Step two:

Organisation issues you with your digital badge.

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Step three:

Claim & share your digital badge on all platforms.

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Step four:

Get connected to opportunities in the world of hospitality.

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