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Global Hospitality qualifications

Preparing learners for a career in hospitality

Launching in April 2020

The workplace environment is changing rapidly, and employers are finding it more challenging to attract and retain the right talent. Cultivating and building this talent from the foundation up is the key to success. But how do providers ensure quality delivery that leads to career success for learners?

We are launching our evolved provision in Hospitality & Catering in response to the changes in the learning and workplace environments.

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Aligned to the workplace

Our refreshed global hospitality qualifications evolved to ensure learners are fully equipped for the modern workplace. They were co-created with industry experts and with Worldchefs to reflect the skills and competencies required by employers around the world.

The same standard, just better

They cover transferable as well as job role-specific skills, set out by employers, offering a holistic approach to training learners to be work-ready. Sustainability awareness is a vital part of the offer, addressing a critical challenge for the hospitality industry globally.

In short, the new qualifications carry the same trusted standard of content as before but with updated and enhanced content to reflect today’s workplaces.

Digital badge included

As part of our innovative approach, we have also introduced digital badges as a key feature of the new Global Qualifications. Digital badges are a secure and verifiable record of achievement. Every learner who completes their qualification will now receive a digital badge in addition to their City & Guilds certificate. They can share their digital badge via social media showcasing their achievement and the skills they can offer to employers.

Linked to our latest innovation: Global Hospitality Certification

Training providers can now link their qualifications directly into the Global Hospitality Certification, our brand new global certification for the hospitality industry, developed in partnership with Worldchefs and employers around the world.

This link will put their learners onto the path of continuous professional development and recognition in the industry. Global certification helps learners become more employable by allowing businesses around the world to see and verify their skills.

Benefits of linking to Global certification:

  • if you have a workplace component in your training that meets the requirements set out in the Global Hospitality Certification, you can attach a badge to your programme, making it more attractive to learners;
  • Global certifications recognise and showcase the experience and skills learners gained in industry, beyond their qualification’s achievement;
  • providers across the world can recognise the skills and experience learners have achieved
  • it showcases the relationships you have, as a provider, with employers giving you a competitive advantage and helping to attract more learners.

Find out more about Global Hospitality Certification >

Digital resources


SmartScreen offers you dedicated online resources that support tutors and assessors with delivery tools while providing learners with engaging materials

We’ve designed our SmartScreen information sheets to give you more information on available qualifications, you can view these below.

Learn more about SmartScreen >

eVolve Testing

All global qualifications will be assessed using our eVolve online platforms, which enables centres to book online multiple-choice tests on-demand, whenever their learners are ready to be assessed.

eVolve tests provide fast turn around of results allowing centres to plan future learning interventions more promptly to support their learners to progress through the qualifications.

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How do Global Hospitality badges work?

Global hospitality badges provide a secure and verifiable record of achievement, which can be shared on social media to help make skills and experience visible and easy to understand.

Employers can use the badges as part of their recruitment and also create a snapshot of skills within their business to identify progression opportunities and development needs for existing staff.

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Step one:

Meet the requirements to earn the badge.

ivq how badges work step 2  

Step two:

Organisation issues you with your digital badge.

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Step three:

Claim & share your digital badge on all platforms.

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Step four:

Get connected to opportunities in the world of hospitality.


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