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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance model has been developed to give you a robust yet flexible approach to quality assurance.

Our Quality teams will tailor quality assurance activities to fit your specific situation and needs. As well as enabling you to meet regulatory requirements, this is designed to help you achieve your business objectives and ensure consistent quality. 

Our Quality Assurance Offer

At the core of our offer is your activity planner, which is based on your centre’s monitoring rating and continuous support for improvement.

Underpinning the package are the following essential factors:

  • an annual systems visit (if you are a small centre we will look to combine this with sampling activity, to save you time)
  • sales support activity 
  • a dedicated and named member of staff in your City & Guilds Quality team
  • quality assurance support activities that reflect the nature of business you have with us.

Should you have any further questions, please take a look at our view our detailed Quality Assurance documents.

Quality Assurance Model

The City & Guilds Quality Assurance Model is a risk-based strategy that follows the key steps shown in this diagram. This is an ongoing process designed to tailor quality assurance support activities to the specific needs of each centre.

Quality assurance model

Step 1: The Quality Teams will review the information it has regarding the centre, and the specific risks attached to each qualification.

Step 2: If the Quality Teams assess that it is required, they will create a quality assurance activity planner (normally covering 12 months) that will meet the specific centre needs.

Step 3: These quality assurance activities are then implemented and monitored to ensure that they are providing appropriate support for centres. Planned activities can be amended if necessary to reflect the changing needs of the centre and/or City & Guilds requirements.

Detailed information on the centre and qualification approval process can be found in the City & Guilds Centre Manual.