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Delivering on our commitment to Wales

City & Guilds in Wales

With our experience in delivering Welsh apprenticeships and other technical and vocational programmes, and by working together we can support the Welsh Government’s Skills Strategy to provide integrated pathways for learners to develop the skills employers want.

We’ve been working with the Welsh Government and key stakeholders in Wales to provide high-quality qualifications and services for decades. City & Guilds is part of a group of six businesses all focused on giving individuals, businesses and economies the skills they need to progress.

Working with Qualifications Wales on sector reforms

City & Guilds is collaborating with EAL to develop a new suite of Construction and Building Services Engineering qualifications and apprenticeships for first teaching from September 2021. Learn more about the development here.

City & Guilds has collaborated with the Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) and are the sole providers for a suite of health, social care and childcare qualifications contracted by Qualifications Wales, to provide qualifications from Level 1 to Level 5 for Health and Social Care, and Childcare. Learn more about the development here.

City & Guilds qualifications are trusted and valued by employers worldwide for their practical focus on work-ready and transferable skills for learners wishing to enter or progress in their careers across industries and countries.

Our offer

We offer a wide range of qualifications which can support the delivery of the ‘Working Wales’ contract. Our list of funded qualifications is frequently updated, via the QiW database.

And if you’re looking for a tailored solution – such as additional qualifications or recognition for your training programmers, we can also help.

Workplace Skills

Developed with employers to support training providers and colleges to enhance programmes of study and support employability training. Workplace Skills help learners build attitudes, behaviour and skills that aren’t covered by qualifications alone, or that may not be accredited under a current programme of study.

Find out how the engaging task-based programme can support your delivery today.

Technical Qualifications

City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 Technical Qualifications are developed in collaboration with industry for 14-19-year-olds to give learners the most up-to-date and relevant technical skills they need to succeed in their chosen career path – be that onto a job, university or an apprenticeship.

Explore our range of Technical Qualifications currently approved and frequently updated by QiW, and they are all delivered and assessed in English.

Alternatively, visit our Technical Qualification webpage for more information.


The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) framework sets out the minimum requirements for Welsh apprenticeship.

Our offer span across a range of sectors and support learners and providers with qualifications choices that are suitable for Wales and recognised across the UK. 

SASW frameworks vary according to industry and level and details are in the individual framework, visit our apprenticeships page for more information.

Assured - recognition of world-class training

Our Assured service is an internationally recognised seal of approval and a business improvement tool, showing you how to take your training from good to great.

We evaluate your training programmes against our benchmark to see how they meet our quality criteria. We do not undertake a critique of the content of the training programme, but we will make sure that it caters to the needs of your learners and meets our quality standards. The Assured service adds value to any training no matter the content, format or length. We can recognise both face-to-face and e-learning, assessed or non-assessed training and even training in local languages.

Find out more information about our Assured service or email:

Teaching and support resources

City & Guilds is dedicated to supporting you and your learners to succeed by providing you with an unrivalled level of support, ensuring you have the advice, guidance and resources you need to deliver the best possible experience for your learners.

City & Guilds SmartScreen is designed to save tutors’ time, offer ideas and guidance on how our qualifications can be delivered. They can be used as either a front of class teaching aid or set for learners to work independently. Visit our SmartScreen website to view a full list of qualifications that are available.

We also offer learning resources that not only help to create engaging lessons but embed learning. Visit our teaching and learning page for more information.

As a centre offering City & Guilds qualifications, you will have access to one of our Technical Advisors. Our advisers are sector experts, they know their sectors inside out, they can get you up and running quickly and provide you with technical support when you need it. Also, your dedicated Business Manager and Quality Officer will help you ensure you meet and maintain quality assurance standards.


  • Dysg newsletter provides updates and developments affecting post-11 education and training sectors in Wales. Visit their website for more information.
  • External Quality Advisors required for the new Health and Social Care and Child Care programmes in Wales. Apply here.